Tableau Licensing Offerings

Teams & Organizations

Tableau’s powerful analytics platform empowers everyone across your organization with data. Start by selecting your deployment option then decide the right mix of user types to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Deployment Options

Detailed Information by Deployment Option

Web and mobile
Embedded content
Interact with visualizations and dashboards
Create and share custom views
Download visualizations as images (.pdf, .png)
Download summary data
Download full data
See data quality warnings
Comment on a dashboard or visualization
Create a subscription for yourself
Receive data-driven alerts
Create subscriptions for others
Create data-driven alerts
Edit existing workbooks and visualizations
Create and publish new workbook from existingpublished data source
Explore an existing published data source withAsk Data
Create and publish new workbook with a newdata source
Create and publish new data sources
Create new workbooks based on pre-built Dashboard Starters
Create new data flows (.tfl)
Edit and modify a data flow (.tfl)
Export data (.tde, .hyper or .csv)
Publish and run flows
Schedule flows
Monitor flow performance and health
Manage users and permissions
Manage content and certify data sources
Server administration
View lineage and impact
Set data quality warnings
Advanced Server Deployment Monitoring
Programmatic Content Migration
1 = Available with Tableau Data Management
2 = Only available on Tableau Online
3 = Only available on Tableau Server
4 = Available with Server Management